PR writing class comes to an end but will continue to pay off!

Only the remainder of this week and next week left of Dr. Moore-Copple’s PR writing class, so it’s crunch time!

Although our class has not been meeting the last few weeks, we’ve all been hard at work. Roaming Tigers PR, my group for our service-learning campaign, meets every week during our usual class time to work on our campaign materials. Now that the exciting part of creating the SCVNGR trek for BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo is over, we have to complete a few more projects to help the continuing success of their trek.

Speaking of the success of their trek…

As of today, BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo has had close to 90 people use their new SCVNGR trek which was launched only three weeks ago! We’re very excited to see that people are taking advantage of this unique opportunity to interact with the zoo. We still have a few more items to complete to help the zoo with promoting their trek, including a brochure, instruction sheet for workers and a short video. Once these are finished, our hope for the trek is that it continues to get more attention and that word of mouth spreads to make it an even bigger visitor attraction.

Another thing I’ve been working on for this class is my online portfolio which is due on Monday of next week. I’m actually very excited that this class forces me to create things that will eventually help me tremendously on my job search. Dr. Moore-Copple gave us instructions on how to create an online portfolio using and what we should include in it. We’re required to include at least 10 pieces we’ve worked on this semester in PR writing, but I will also end up using this online portfolio to showcase all the work I’ve done through my internship experiences and my other mass communication classes.

Finally, all our hard work will wrap up on Wednesday of next week when we turn in our mini-campaign book and present our campaign to the class and special guests.

I can honestly say that my PR writing class has improved my skills as a public relations student. I’ve learned how to properly write and create different public relations materials and gained real-world experience working with a client. I’m excited to take the skills and experience I’ve gained through this course and apply it to my internships and future career.

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SCVNGR takes zoo-goers on a fun journey around the world!

BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo officially has an active SCVNGR trek!

Roaming Tigers PR, my student-run PR firm for PR Writing class, created the challenges for the Zoo’s SCVNGR trek and launched it just in time for their annual Zippity Zoo Fest on Saturday, March 31 and Sunday, April 1. To prepare for the launch, I wrote a press release announcing the new trek which is now posted on the Zoo’s website.

Our design director, Karoline, did an awesome job creating some extra fliers about the new SCVNGR trek to post at the ticket booths for people to see when they first walk in and some postcard-sized fliers for us to hand out on Saturday. Mia, our strategy director, went to the Zoo on Thursday to test the challenges with her younger sister. We were very excited when she gave us the OK that it worked!

We decided to split shifts at the Zoo on Saturday, the first day of Zippity Zoo Fest, so we could promote the trek and answer any questions on how to complete the challenges. It went great! We had a table set up perfectly at the front of zoo where we could easily direct them to their first challenge, a picture with the globe symbolizing the start of their journey around the world!

Roaming Tigers PR at Zippity Zoo Fest 2012...with our awesome SCVNGR T-shirts, of course!

We had a great time interacting with the zoo’s visitors. Once we started explaining SCVNGR, they got really excited, and many of them would instantly start downloading the app. As visitors left, we got many compliments on the trek. One woman said, “I loved it! It definitely made the Zoo even more fun and interesting.” We would all check the trek’s activity throughout the day and were really pleased with the amount of people who were completing challenges. Here’s a screenshot of some of the trek’s activity:

Although we launched the trek and Zippity Zoo Fest is over, Roaming Tigers PR still has plenty of work to do! We’re meeting tomorrow to work on a few more pieces for the Zoo and to work on our mini-campaign plan book and presentation. I feel very lucky that my group has been on top of the assignments and works very well together. I’m pretty confident that we’re on the right track to an A!

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Let’s get trek-ing!

This semester has been an ongoing process of turning in public relations assignments every Monday and Wednesday for my PR writing class while also working on our student-run PR campaign as part of the service-learning aspect of the class. It has definitely given me a good preview of the fast-paced world of public relations. Most recently, we had to create radio and television public service announcements on an issue that our chosen presidential candidate supports. I chose to write my public service announcements on Mitt Romney’s stance on abortion because he, like me, is pro-life. I am also writing a 5-minute speech on Mitt Romney’s stance on gun ownership to turn in by tomorrow.

However, this week was the last time our class will be meeting and turning in personal assignments for a few weeks. Our service-learning groups (student-run public relations firms) will now have more time to get together and focus on our campaigns during our regularly scheduled class period.

My group, Roaming Tigers PR, met up on Friday, March 20 to discuss our plan to set up the SCVNGR trek for BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo. We officially created the trek and are now in the process of creating the challenges. Our goal is to make create the perfect mix of fun, entertaining and educational to give the zoo’s visitors the best experience possible. We plan to launch the trek just in time for Zippity Zoo Fest!

If you’re looking for something fun to do in Baton Rouge on Saturday, March 31 or Sunday, April 1, get your family and friends together and head on over to BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo for Zippity Zoo Fest! While you’re there, don’t forget to download the SCVNGR app (for FREE) on your smart phone and follow the trek we’ve created. Who knows, there may be a reward for taking the trip “around the world” and finishing all the wild challenges!

Roaming Tigers PR will be there to promote the trek and to help visitors out with challenges during Zippity Zoo Fest. We’re excited to see how many people use it and to receive feedback on the challenges.

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Roaming Tigers [PR]otecting the wild!

Roaming Tigers PR, my group for PR writing, officially has a client!

On Friday, March 9, we traveled to BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo to meet with their marketing/development director, Mary Woods, to get an idea as to the best way to set up their SCVNGR trek. Although it was a misty and rainy day, we basically had the zoo to ourselves, and Mrs. Woods gave us a private tour on one of zoo’s golf carts. Our personal tour of the zoo with Mrs. Woods not only highlighted great spots for possible SCVNGR challenges, but it also gave us more of an insight on the zoo’s mission which is “to connect people with animals and inspire a respect and concern for wildlife and wild places.” Their goal is to get people to not only pass by and see the animals but to also spend some time at the exhibits learning more about the animals by reading the informational plaques. These plaques are at each animal’s exhibit and include the animal’s name, where it’s from and some facts about the animal. Many of these animals are endangered and only have a handful of their species left in the world which is why the Baton Rouge Zoo wants to inform the public of how important it is for them to support the zoo’s conservation efforts.

Our tour around the zoo (or essentially around the world) gave us some great ideas for a really fun and educational SCVNGR trek. We’re excited to begin working on the challenges this week and hope to attract a lot of people to the zoo with this fun application. BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo’s  Zippity Zoo Fest 2012 is coming up on Saturday, March 31 and Sunday April 1, and this will be a great event for us to really promote the app and get people interacting with the zoo through the fun mobile challenges.

Not only have we been working hard for our student-run PR campaigns, but we’ve also just completed our personal marketing plans. This was one of the biggest projects we’ve worked on this semester, and it gave us a chance to really learn how to brand ourselves as future public relations professionals. With all this experience that I’m getting from this course (in and out of the classroom), I’m really excited to move forward in my potential job search and prove myself as an experienced professional.

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Have a WILD day!

Kicking it into high gear with PR writing and service-learning!

Unfortunately Mardi Gras break and my 21st birthday celebrations are over, so it’s time to kick it back into high gear with my PR writing class and Discover Baton Rouge!

In just a few short weeks, I’ve managed to work on and complete personal branding pieces, press releases, social media releases, feature releases, blogs, proposals, marketing plans and more. There are one to two items due every class period and although I stress out trying to meet the deadlines, it’s very rewarding to see all the work I’ve completed and all that I’ve learned. This fast-paced writing class has already helped me learn how to stay on top of my assignments and crank them out faster and better. This class was tough for me to handle at first because I’m taking two other writing-intensive courses this semester, but I’m starting to get the hang of it!

Many of the PR writing essentials that we’ve gone over in class and have worked on tremendously help me with my public relations internship at The Young Leaders’ Academy of Baton Rouge, Inc. because these are the type of media pieces I’m expected to create on a weekly basis. I am the only employee at this small nonprofit organization (other than my boss, the executive director), so the public relations items and ideas rely heavily on me. It helps to have copies of my own press releases and sales letters to reference while creating these items for the academy.

Most recently in Dr. Moore’s PR writing class, we’ve been working on different forms of news releases. We were each told to follow a 2012 presidential candidate to be the topic of our releases. I chose to follow Mitt Romney because he has conservative values similar to mine and does not seem to be as extreme as some of the other candidates. I also think he has the best chance of winning the overall election because he is more of a moderate conservative.

Our service-learning project, Discover Baton Rouge, is also moving along rapidly. My team, Roaming Tigers PR, received feedback on the sales letter, brochure and marketing plan we created and is working hard to make all the edits necessary before our meeting with the potential client. I’m very excited because we have a meeting set up for TOMORROW to pitch SCVNGR and our public relations services to our potential client! Wish us luck!

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Roaming Tigers Discover Baton Rouge with SCVNGR

“People don’t really care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Mike McNight

I know what you’re probably thinking: “So Jessica, what exactly is that you know and care about?” Funny thing is I care about knowing. I don’t know everything there is to know about public relations and marketing, and I don’t expect anyone to assume I do (I am still a student, after all). However, I have a passion for learning as much as I can and finding ways to gain insight into my future career path.

This is where the “how much you care” comes into play. I’ve learned through the faculty and former students of the Manship School of Mass Communication that the best way to get your foot in the door is through internships. So, I took that advice and ran with it! I just finished a communications internship with the Louisiana Dental Association and gained knowledge about the PR world and a mentor in my former supervisor. Just two weeks ago I started a new public relations internship with The Young Leaders’ Academy of Baton Rouge, Inc. and am excited to see what this experience has in store for me.

Although I have a drive to gain experience in the public relations world, I never considered a service-learning course. When I added Public Relations Writing (MC 4001) to my spring schedule, I had no idea that this was a component to the course. I was intrigued when Dr. Jensen Moore explained that the service-learning portion of the class, named Discover Baton Rouge, would not only give back to the Baton Rouge community but also give us experience as true public relations consultants.

Discover Baton Rouge with SCVNGR

Through Dr. Moore, SCVNGR has given our class a grant to offer their services for free to a nonprofit organization in Baton Rouge. SCVNGR is a geolocation-based mobile gaming application that engages local communities with an organization’s brand through challenges. The class was divided into groups of four to five students who are to find a nonprofit organization in Baton Rouge and offer them this free opportunity to use the SCVNGR service.

My group, Roaming Tigers PR, is in the process of creating materials and a marketing plan to pitch our services to a local non-profit. Although I’ve learned about the public relations process in classes and through internships, I’ve never directly worked through the process with a real client. I’m excited to work with my group members to initiate a great relationship with our chosen organization. I hope that this experience will not only be beneficial to our learning process but also beneficial to the organization’s brand.

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